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Facing the edge of life, loosing sense of gravity as the wind blows through my hair. On top of a final solution to what once was my salvation.

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While demonstrating a remarkably high level of anxiety, the clinical observation states that she is completely present in relation to actions taken.

Wake the Sinner
Pitch Black
Confession of a Liar
Jurisdictional Confusion
Poison Pill
Call of the Precious
Terminal Point

When observing the world that came across, you may sense the virtue of having touched some undisputable life conditions. But, what’s the purpose of an existence? What’s attached to a brain and a body, that’s more than something forming just another individual? Is that what excludes the person from the anonymous crowd? Is that what legitimizes others to exert positional strengths or institutional power?
Emotions can tell. But there are no secrets to reveal, no characters to view or other visual expressions to interpret. As most people believe in collective solutions, there is nothing left for the individual creation. There is no room for those who doubt the predominating interpretation of reality. Who’s to tell what is real? What if there’s no objective reality?
The fragility of a fall may be an illusion, as well as an ambiguous feeling of lost connection to the self-perception. A poison pill taken, a personal call for sense and meaning. But no one is there, no one to perceive the scream for what previously was so precious.
At some occasions, at some places, under some circumstances, people perform the most horrible, yet convincing, actions, forced by the present norms or due to personal beliefs. People force other people. Institutions of society help them to. Confusion among stakeholders of human lives arises. Still, at the end there’s nothing else but mistreatment, painting the world pitch black.
Behind the observation, there’s a translation of concerns.
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